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energy generation

Over the course of 30 years, we have designed and executed complex hydroelectric and thermoelectric works all over the country. During this period, we have developed strict quality standards, supported by the best social and environmental practices, besides an obsessive focus in meeting deadlines. Due to this, Cesbe is currently a reference in the segment.

We have installed more than 5,300MW of potency in all the works, what places us in a prominent position among the big engineering companies specialized in the construction of energy generation undertakings.

The Santo Antonio do Jary Hydroelectric Plant (373MW) and the Segredo Hydroelectric Plant (1,260 MW), the two last Itaipu turbines (1,400 MW) and the Thermal Plant of ThyssenKrupp CSA (490 MW) are among the large works executed by Cesbe.

We are also specialists in the construction of Small Hydroelectric Plants, which are a success model of energy generation, due to the low environmental impact. In this segment, the PCH Carlos Gonzatto (9 MW) and PCH Marco Baldo (16 MW) power plants stand out, both located in Rio Turvo, Rio Grande do Sul state.

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industrial works

We are very strong in the Industrial Works segment working with different levels of complexity. Paper and cellulose, automobile, mining, steel mills and metallurgy are the main segments.

The Volkswagen/AUDI, Renault, Klabin and DAF stand out.

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SANitation and environmental protection

Complete potable water collection, treatment, preservation and distribution system, collection and treatment of sanitary sewer, as well as environmental protection works and effluent treatment stations in industrial plants, are part of our portfolio.

Among the main works developed by Cesbe are: Belém Sewer Treatment Station, Rio Irai Dam, Gama Sewer Treatment Station and the modern Sewer Treatment Center of Campos do Jordão.

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URBANISM and road works

We have large experience in earthwork and paving of urban roads, with works done in several cities of the country. Highways and airports, railroad infra and superstructure, as well as bridges and viaducts, are part of our portfolio.

Complexo CIC and Rita Maria (SC), duplication of BR-101 (SC), Alphaville Graciosa (PR) and Campo Grande (MS) Airport.

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We are proud of working in this segment, as many of our works have become landmarks of Curitiba, such as the historical building of the Universidade Federal do Paraná and the Oscar Niemeyer Museum.

Besides these, public buildings, commerce, hotels and sport and hospital installations also have our signature.

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