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At the age of 76, Cesbe group accumulates a large know-how in infrastructure works and undertakings, with a large presence in the sectors of energy, sanitation and industrial plants, in addition to road works and buildings.

Acting in South America for each project developed, we strengthen our constructive and management capacity, always through the implementation of best practices and within international standards.


To contribute to the development of society by constructing durable and quality works that help to generate benefits for the community.

To be a benchmark for quality, confidence and responsible management in the supply of products and engineering services, exceeding the expectations of its employees and clients.


The company’s activities are fundamentally guided by the promotion the well-being of the people and the community, through the construction of safe and sustainable works.


Through constant investment in the development of its employees and the refusal to operate under inadequate health and safety conditions.


The company continually seeks new techniques, procedures and technologies to improve the quality of services, increase productivity, streamline time and resources, with a view to reducing costs and negative environmental and social impacts.


CESBE seeks to preserve, under all circumstances, professional freedom, not accepting or imposing restrictions contrary to human ethics, morality and dignity.


We are convinced that teamwork is essential to be able to harness the available skills and so that each employee can play an important role in the success of the company.


Information on the activities, achievements, policies and performance of the company should be provided in a systematic, clear and comprehensive manner.

CESBE S.A. is committed to carrying out engineering projects while:
· Meeting client expectations;
· Acting in order to preserve the health and integrity of its employees;
· Minimizing the environmental impacts resulting from its activities;
· Meeting the contractual, legal and Quality Management System requirements;
· Employing structure and resources to achieve goals and continuous improvement of this Quality Management System.


We are a 76 year old company that breathes engineering since its foundation. We carry out thousands of works in the most varied segments in different corners of Brazil and Peru. The accomplishment of each of them is mainly due to the work of our engineers and our highly trained and engaged technical staff with a single purpose: to build works of excellence.

Our strategies are fully aligned with what the market and society expect, especially from our customers. And the search for excellence is a constant motivation for evolution in all areas of our company.

The dream of Cesbe's founders to build a reference company in engineering, which values its people, its technical staff and which focuses on solutions for society, remains more alive than ever. And we are sure that there is much to contribute to building our tomorrow.

We wish to actively contribute to the sustainability of our planet and, for that, we will continue to propagate structural actions in favor of the cultural, environmental and economic transformation that is required in every society.

Let's make a difference together.

Jacqueline I. de Loyola e Silva

our history

1946 With the ideal of creating a company recognized by its quality, the engineers Cláudio de Loyola e Silva, Raul Iwersen and Osman Pierri founded the company Iwersen, Loyola & Pierri in 1946. The headquarters of the company was installed at Rua José Loureiro, 218, in Curitiba, Paraná.
1947 A new member joined the team: engineer Edmundo Talamini. ConstructionsEdifício Copacabana, Hospital Colônia Adauto Botelho and Edifício Mauá.
1951Saíc – Sociedade Anônima Imobiliária e Comercial was founded in 1951, with ILOPI among the partners. 1952 The biggest technical office of engineering of Paraná was formed. Investment in real estate developments, with advertising appearing in the movie theaters of Curitiba.
1953 Saíc incorporated ILOPI, altering its corporate name to Companhia Sul Brasileira de Engenharia e Empreendimentos.1959 The headquarters was transferred to Rua Marechal Floriano Peixoto, 250.Constructions UFPR, Hospital de Clínicas, Jockey Club do Paraná, Edifício Dante Aliguieri, Edifício Maringá.
1961First mention of the CESBE abbreviation (this abbreviation was used by the telegraph system).1966 The corporate name of the company, CESBE S.A. ENGENHARIA E EMPREENDIMENTOS, appears. The company was better known by its abbreviation of the telegraph system, reason for the alteration in the corporate name.
Constructions Ginásio do Tarumã, Assembleia Legislativa do Paraná, Hospital Universitário de Londrina, Rodovia BR-369.
1972Moving of the headquarters to Rua João Negrão, 2226, current address.
ConstructionsTribunal de Contas do Paraná, Prédio das Secretarias (currently MON), ETE Belém.
1980sIt was decided to invest in the construction of railways and bridges.The new directors decide to expand business, working in Santa Catarina and Rio Grande do Sul.
ConstructionsSeveral railways, Industrial do Xisto and Usina Piloto do Irati Modules, Passaúna Water Supply System, Guaíra Steel Plant, Several Highways.

Energy Generation becomes a promising business for the company. Public works is not the focus anymore and the company starts working with private businesses, mainly Industrial Plants. ISO 9001 Certification.
1999Volkswagen Quality Prize, for the construction of its Industrial Plant.1999Recognition of excellence by Alberici for the construction of the BMW/Chrysler Engine Factory.
ConstructionsSegredo Hydroelectric Plant, Volkswagen/AUDI, CIC Elevated Viaduct in Florianópolis, Lowering of the Railroad in Maringá, Memorial of the 300th anniversary of Curitiba.

Consolidation of the operations in the energy generation segment.
2002Petrobrás Certificate for the 600 consecutive days without lost-time incidents at REPAR works.
2004Great Leaders of Paraná Certification by the AmanhãMagazine and Price Water House Coopers.Certification of Company with Highest Liquidity in Paraná, AmanhãMagazine and Price Water House.
2007Implementation of the corporate governance and entrepreneurial restructuring, with the objective of segmenting the sectors of activity, concentrating the execution of engineering works at CESBE.
2014500 Biggest Southern Companies Prize, by Amanhã Magazine and PWC.
ConstructionsMuseu Oscar Niemeyer, Tribunal de Justiça, last two turbines of the Itaipu Dam, Maracá Mining, UHE Coqueiros and UHE Caçu, PCH Marco Baldo, PCH Paranatinga II, PCH Paiol, UHE Barra do Braúna, PCH da Ilha, PCH Jararaca, PCH Buriti, Vega do Sul, Klabin, UHE Santo Antonio do Jari.
2016Cesbe concluedes Puma Project, of KlabinCesbe stands out in antecipation of HPP Cachoeira Caldeirão
2017Cesbe wins BID of transmission linesInvests in awareness of its ethics and conduct policies

quality and performance

Cesbe maintains a Quality Management System up-to-date with the new ISO 9001:2015 Certification. Our Quality Manual is based on the pertinent ABNT legal requirements and national and international legislation.

To keep ourselves ahead, we employ highly qualified people for our works and the equipment necessary for the technological control. Due to the diversity of the working areas, the company prepares a tactical planning for each work, defining critical items to be controlled. There is still the commitment to the Work Safety objectives, part of its quality plan.

The management of the safety system is based on rigid controls, according to the requirement of the PPRA, PCMAT and PCMSO legal programs in all the planning development phases, control and continuous evaluation of the execution of the projects.

We provide continuous campaigns on safety and medicine so that our employees have the necessary knowledge in a tangible and simple manner.

Cesbe seeks excellence in Safety, Medicine and Health. With the efforts of the field teams and support from the managers of the projects, we have obtained excellent results that guarantee our employees a safe, healthy and productive work environment.


We are a company with 76 years of history in the engineering world, but we are by no means accommodated. We seek to reinvent ourselves daily and foster critical and innovative thinking.

We apply the Lean Construction methodology in our activities, for the sake of efficiency and sustainability. Thus, our teams are even more prepared to solve a series of challenges that we face during a project.


We are proud of our history. We know that we only got here because of people's dedication and collaboration. We continue to prepare Cesbe for the challenges of the future, stimulating an environment of learning, collaboration and transformation, in which people feel stimulated and, above all, respected. So we hope to strengthen and contribute to the sustainable development of society.

The commitment to respect, probity and justice contributed to the achievement of GPTW (Great Place to Work) certification. If you identify with our values, join us!


Commitment to ethics is something that has always been present in Cesbe's DNA, and we daily seek to improve our internal processes and control mechanisms.

Since 2017 we have had a Code of Conduct, recently updated to follow our evolution and learning. We constantly train our teams and engage our partners and suppliers.

To ensure the conformity of activities and the effectiveness of our policies, we provide an external, outsourced and independent reporting channel, available 24 hours a day, every day of the week, which guarantees anonymity for all who prefer not to identify themselves.

The Compliance Ethics Committee has people able to conduct the investigation and verification processes for reported concerns. In addition, a post-investigation integrity program is carried out to ensure fair, impartial and respectful treatment.