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In recent years, the engineering sector has undergone a profound transformation, becoming increasingly dynamic and interactive. In this context, an assertive understanding of the sector is a decisive factor for construction companies in the search for improvements in aspects that are essential for the business, such as cost reduction and process optimization. Wagner Silva, Operations Directors at Cesbe, comments on the measures the company has been taking to improve its construction processes and construction control, in order to prepare the construction company for this scenario that is already a reality.

“We are an outstanding company in the heavy construction segment, a true school with 75 years of tradition, whose culture is to offer construction and engineering solutions for special and complex projects, at the speed that meets our clients’ expectations. The application of constructive engineering with excellence, the improvement of management systems, in addition to the rescue of the ‘simple’ in the way of thinking both about construction and our sector in general make all the difference in the result”, highlights Wagner.

The director shared his main challenge at the time. “We have operations in several states in Brazil and also in Peru. We work on different types of projects, each with its own particularities and characteristics.

The construction environment in Brazil is already quite challenging in itself, especially at this time of Covid-19, so keeping the pace of projects and focusing on results for both shareholders and customers has been our main objective,” afirma Wagner.

“The Operations area involves the preparation and implementation of the entire construction strategy, from the proposal phase, team mobilization, through the various construction stages, to the final delivery to the client. In this context, the integration of the PMO, Procurement, Quality and Work Safety areas makes perfect sense in the search for synergy and efficiency. We are right now, rethinking our model and focusing on what really adds value to our production chain, valuing good engineering practices, with respect for life and the environment, with ethics in our business as a pillar, value this is non-negotiable”, highlights Wagner Silva.

According to Wagner, the current scenario in the construction industry is extremely challenging. “What motivates us on a daily basis is knowing that we can develop specific engineering solutions for each project, which really add value to our customers. This demands the best from our teams. I am also happy to know that we are working to build a fertile environment for the development of our professionals. This is very gratifying”, concludes Wagner.

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