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Last August 17, we had the beginning of Cesbe Leadership Training (TLC) for master builders and foremen residing near Telêmaco Borba. This was the first step towards that, in the near future, all professionals who occupy these positions are also trained. “Companies are made of people and I believe that the training initiatives implemented bring renewal and motivation, making Cesbe more integrated, vibrant and competitive”, says cost control director, Edmundo Talamini Neto.

The training is the result of a partnership between Cesbe, SESI Telêmaco Borba and with eSENAI of Ponta Grossa. “The main purpose of this training is to update them with theories and practices so that, thus, they perform with excellence working with the teams they lead, with the focus on meeting targets, productivity and quality”, explains Maurício Bittencourt, of the people management area, which together with Lizandro Dammski coordinates the project.

For the director of works, Otton Ferraz Neto, these trainings, with approach in the humans and production are, are decisive in the company’s results. “I have no doubt that the search for the excellence of our company is necessarily for training and enhancement of our leaders.” He also wishes to congratulate the department of Personnel Management, “which has led this process with great dynamism and professionalism.”

According to engineer Ademir Lara, training professionals will generate better results. “I could participate in a class and I realized the high level of interaction and great participation of the trainees in the various dynamics. The group shows thirst for learning and pride in participating”, he says.

As for the engineer Walter Weber, this is further proof of the value that Cesbe has for the human capital. “The company has always had this strong concern to train its employees and now we can also count with this great example”, he says. For him, the future is promising. “Thus, following modern trends and considering the culture, the company is preparing for the future while maintaining its edge in the market, which is the excellence of the people and the quality of what it produces”, says Weber.

For engineer Valdo Pianowski Jr., the commitment of students with training is something that should be emphasized. “This way they express the will that each one has to progress and strengthen professional ties with Cesbe”. He also stresses that this is a perceptible thing to the market. “Recent testimonials from our customers show a remarkable capacity for action of Cesbe and this should be credited undoubtedly to the leading teams”, he adds.

Classes were held twice a week from 07:30 am to 10:30 pm at the premises sponsored by SESI in Telêmaco Borba. Altogether, there were eleven meetings, the last on September 30.

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