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Legacy Project promotes actions on behalf of employees and the community

Legacy is an internal initiative promoted by Cesbe employees. As an independent project, it seeks to integrate people and create a positive impact on communities, in addition to encouraging improvements in the company’s organizational climate.

Participants organize some events and voluntary activities, focusing on personal and professional development, sustainability, respect for the environment, networking, collaboration, integration and fun.

“Everyone is welcome to contribute to Legacy. Our intention is not to restrict these activities to the business environment, but also to integrate the community, as in the case of the action in which we organize the collection and donation of school materials for the children of ODPH – Organization for the Development of Human Potential, which is already supported by Cesbe”, comments Patricia Georg, president of Legacy.

Another action recently carried out was “Cãominhada” (Dog Walking), which brought together Cesbe employees and their Pets to walk together. “This is a welcoming project. And so that everyone can contribute, each new initiative has a participant responsible for the conception and execution of the action”, adds Patrícia.

Legacy is structured to work independently, and even its management organization chart will have annual rotation. Cesbe supports this initiative, which is 100% aligned with the company’s values. Legacy above all helps to bring people together and promote enriching experiences.

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