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Legacy Actions reach more than 400 people external to Cesbe in 2020

Legacy, an internal initiative promoted by Cesbe employees, made a positive assessment of 2020. In its first year of operation, the project carried out 29 campaigns, which involved the participation of more than 2 thousand employees, both at headquarters and at the works, and reached more than 400 people outside the company.

Vinícius Serrano, CEO of Cesbe, reinforces the relevance of volunteering. “Legacy is from the employee to the company. Not only the community, but the employee also benefits. Volunteering feeds the soul. ”

As an independent project, Legacy seeks to integrate people and create a positive impact on communities, in addition to encouraging improvements in the company’s organizational climate. Among the actions carried out, those related to awareness and health stand out, such as Heart Day, Yellow September, Pink October and Blue November; collection of

schoolchildren materials, chocolates at Easter, warm clothing in winter and clothes for children at Christmas Solidarity; tree planting; and actions for employees, such as Mothers’ Day, Fathers’ Day, the famous June Party with bingo, and also Christmas bingo.​

Legacy is led by a group of employees who, in 2020, were led by Patricia Georg, from the budgets area. “It was a very enriching experience that will definitely be a part of my life. I had the opportunity to develop skills and competencies and still do good for others. ”, he comments.

In February, the management will be led by Rafaela Regina Wosniack, equipment analyst at DMV. “I have great affection for this project, because, for me, it represents a translation of my desire to do more, do good, unite people and contribute to a better world!”

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