Ethical Line



Cesbe has the Ethics Line Channel as a way to improve its ethical values, constituted in line with the Code of Ethics and Conduct, and with the principles of corporate governance

The Ombudsman will receive statements on any ethical issues belonging to Cesbe. Complaints about irregularities or accounting improprieties or any other audit issues or related to internal controls, standards, policies, ethics, human rights and the environment may be submitted. The channel can also be used for clarification of doubts regarding the Code of Ethics and Conduct.

Anyone can file a complaint, from employees, suppliers and customers of Cesbe, to representatives of the community.

There are 3 options to file the complaints:

1.Electronic form: external and independent communication channel to answer questions, send suggestions or report suspicious practices
2. Telephone: 0800 601 8696. External and independent communication channel. The service is available 24 hours, every day of the week.
3. E-mail: or if you prefer you can contact Cesbe directly by

Click here and visit the page with the details on how to report.

Yes, you can. It is not necessary to identify yourself to file a complaint, although identified complaints facilitate the investigation of the case. If the complainant decides to identify himself/herself, secrecy and confidentiality will be guaranteed throughout the process.

After completing the report, you will receive an automatic response that we will contact you within 30 days, and if more time is required for completion, depending on the complexity of the subject, we will inform you.

The complaints are forwarded to the Ethics and Compliance Committee.

Information about CESBE and its business must be disclosed, internally and externally, only by those who are authorized to do so in a precise, objective and appropriate manner.

CESBE has a Brand Reputation Management Plan that establishes communication guidelines and strategies for vehicles such as: magazines, newspapers, Internet portals, targeted bulletins and social networks of the company.

It is also structured with a Crisis Management Committee according to the company’s Crisis Management Handbook, which elects spokespersons for press interactions. In this way, the interface with the media should always be exercised centrally, through a spokesperson duly elected by the Board or the Crisis Management Committee

Violations of this Code will be subject to disciplinary action and/or penalties based on applicable law. Each employee is responsible to formally communicate his or her immediate superior or through the Ethical Line Channel, whenever he becomes aware of a possible violation of the terms of this Code.
Any complaint or doubt about the procedures of the company received will be treated with confidentiality and confidentiality, except for those where there is a legal obligation to inform the governmental authorities.