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Director of Business Development of Cesbe Engenharia leads the implementation of the commercial strategic plan

To leverage its growth in the coming years, Cesbe Engenharia has, since the first half of last year, selected executive André Sardinha, who has 15 years of experience in the infrastructure and heavy construction sector.

“Leading Cesbe’s business development area is a great challenge, considering that we operate in different segments of the infrastructure, such as energy generation and distribution, anitation, mining, industrial plants, among others. One of our objectives is to ensure the continuity of the good level of performance and, above all, to create solid bases for the expansion of the business. ”, says Sardinha.

With experience in business development in countries such as Brazil, Mozambique, Argentina, Paraguay and Peru, Sardinha considers the moment of the country promising for the long-term vision. “The demands for energy infrastructure, logistics and sanitation will bring great investments and opportunities to the construction market and it is important to be technically prepared to meet the needs of customers.”, he says.

For the executive, the segments in which Cesbe operates are naturally full of challenges.

”Each project developed can be compared to a large company, with technical, commercial and human issues to be managed. In addition, the pandemic has brought additional obstacles to our teams, requiring the improvement of management techniques and risk matrix analysis. This all required flexibility in the way we act and also important adjustments to keep our strategic planning in line with these changes. One of the ways to face this scenario was the implementation of the commercial strategy discussed and approved by the company’s board of directors. ”, affirms André.

“We believe that our work method, our large portfolio of works and our technical competence are helping Cesbe Engenharia to reach a level of excellence in the entire infrastructure business chain. From capturing and consolidating new businesses, to managing and delivering projects, we always aim to meet customers’ expectations, maintaining as solid premises the respect for life, work safety, commitment to the environment and society. We want to grow, but without giving up our values and, above all, ethics in conducting our business. We will strictly follow the best compliance practices and will continue to believe in the values that the company’s founders left us. ”, concludes Sardinha.

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