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The International Organization for Standardization, ISO, has updated its certification standards in the end of 2015 in order to adapt to the advances and trends of the world market. ISO 9001:2008 was replaced by the 2015 version, which brought changes in the evaluation of the management system, with a focus on leadership and organizational knowledge. In this context, updating to the new standard was the path adopted by Cesbe to reinforce its commitment to technical excellence.

According to Cesbe quality manager, Claudio Colin, the company’s management and technical staff was already operating within the premises of the new standard, which facilitated the certification process. In all, it took four months to obtain the new version of ISO.

“We invested in training the teams, through awareness training of leaders, workers and the board of directors on the new requirements. We also improved the systematization of processes through the Quality Management System, which is now more friendly and organized, since its access was facilitated to associates.

In addition, the integration of security systems and the environment into Cesbe’s policies will reinforce our commitment to processes integrated improvement”, says Colin.

The process of adapting the quality system to the new standard required the company to mobilize to carry out two audits, one internal and one external. The new version of the Quality Management Manual, procedures and instructions, as well as forms and all documentation generated in works during 2017 and 2018 were presented to the auditor of the certifier.

For Colin, the managers’ performance will be more assertive, since the new standard simplifies the management system. “The standard guides managers in quality processes, determining the detailed assessment of risks and opportunities, as well as measures to control them. This is in line with the board’s desire for even stricter controls of engineering records and evidence for the final quality of the product, since we are focused on serving customers well and achieving technical excellence in all our works”, completes Colin.

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