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Cesbe structures Compliance area

Cesbe that celebrated 70 years in 2016 just gave another important step in its history. Now the company counts on a compliance program with the purpose of formalizing everything the company adopts since its foundation. “We always had the commitment to ethical conduct and principals at the core of our business. The current Code of Ethics and Conduct is the consolidation of principles and values practiced daily”, explains Carlos de Loyola e Silva, Chairman of Cesbe’s Board of Administration.

In the current scenario, even though it is recognized by its customers for working responsibly with deadlines and ethic, Cesbe now acts preventively. “We have been working for months in structuring the area and defining compliance policies, even before any problem comes up since it is essential that we have all guidelines very clear, well-known and followed by all of our associates, providers and partners”, says the corporation President.

Cesbe’s Code of Conduct and Ethics is very broad in defining its values, including the respect towards life and environment, appreciation for people, quality and efficiency, professionalism, team spirit and transparency, and not only strict measures against corruption. “In an area so complex as engineering, many solutions may come up and everyone needs to know how to behave and to which sanctions they are subjected. In order to effective comply with the company’s guidelines, we made available an external and independent communication channel, accessible 24 hours every day of the week, to answer questions, listen to suggestions and complaints”, says Carlos de Loyola e Silva.

Any person who wishes to make questions, suggestions and report facts and conducts of noncompliance with the Code of Ethics and Conduct can contact us through the website www.contatoseguro.com.br or telephone 0800 601 8696. Secrecy is ensured and there is no need to identify yourself.

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