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Cesbe receives 2020 Sesi Award Certification

On the night of last Wednesday, 04/07, Cesbe received the 2020 Sesi Award Certification, an important recognition for the work that the company has been implementing in the area of health and operational safety.

The Sesi Award is held in partnership with GPTW (Great Place to Work) and aims to recognize companies that have been involved in health promotion actions. The questionnaires applied to companies registered in the 2020 Sesi Award evaluated the best practices in safety, health and well-being. Participation took place in two stages: first, the organizational climate was certified by the GPTW. Then, the companies underwent Sesi’s evaluation. All industries with a score equal to or higher than 70 received the Sesi Award Certification, which recognizes the organization’s initiatives in the area of health and safety.

According to Enzo Chamma, Health, Safety and Environment manager at Cesbe, the company invested in a series of initiatives aimed at ensuring the health and safety of employees. “Our actions encompass all of our works, the Central, the DMV and the DSC.”, highlights Enzo.

According to the executive, this type of recognition reinforces the company’s commitment to the well-being of its employees. ”We are an engineering company with 75 years of history and we only got here because of our people. Therefore, our focus during this pandemic has been not only to ensure the productivity of the teams, but also the health of our people in our jobs and offices. We are very happy to know that the work we are doing has been recognized by Sesi. But what
really matters is knowing that we are taking good care of our employees. ”, concludes Enzo.

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