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The beginning of the works is planned for January 2016 and the power plant will start operating at the end of 2018.

With conclusion expected in 29 months, Cesbe Engenharia e Empreendimentos, in a partnership with CR Almeida, J. Malucelli and Voith Equipamentos, leads the consortium for the construction of the UHE Itaocara I, located in Rio Paraíba do Sul. The hydroelectric power plant will generate sufficient energy to supply a city with 400 thousand inhabitants, with 150MW of capacity.

The civil works will have a maximum of 1,800 collaborators, while the equipment supplier (Voith) will have 200 collaborators. The beginning of the works is forecasted for January 2016 and the power plant will start operating at the end of 2018.

According to the Cesbe’s Commercial Director, Paulo Talamini Espinola, “this is a construction of great importance, because the Brazil’s investment in new contract, industrial as well as in other areas, is low”. This was the only UHE contracted in the country among works to be finished within five years.

The choice of Cesbe to lead the execution of the works is due to its “proven capacity in the last contracts, with more complex logistics and competitive prices, allied to an extremely optimized engineering project”, says Espinola. As with other works, mainly the energy ones, in which Cesbe is a specialist, once more there is a great concern with the deadlines. “All our equipment and effort throughout the work will be focused in the fulfillment of the deadlines”, affirms the director.

The UHE Itaocara Consortium is formed by the companies Cemig Geração e Transmissão S.A. and Itaocara Energia Ltda (Grupo Light). The enterprise has a 30 year concession and already has the Prior and Installation Licenses, issued by the Brazilian Institute of Environment and Renewable Natural Resources (IBAMA).


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