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Cesbe invests in awareness of its ethics and conduct policies

Officially launched in early 2017, Cesbe’s Code of Ethics and Conduct is increasingly present in the company employees’ routine. Through specific training conducted by Cesbe’s HR and safety departments, the company is disseminating its ethics and conduct policies to all employees in line with the compliance guidelines.

According to Edmilson Ferreira, Cesbe’s HR manager, although the Code of Ethics and Conduct has recently been officially signed, Cesbe has always guided its performance in solid principles and values from the moment it started its activities 70 years ago. And this constant concern with business ethics has led its directors to deepen this topic in order to further clarify standards of conduct and implement compliance policies.

The HR manager believes that the best way to ensure the success of the initiatives is to ensure that each employee has an effective adherence to the principles of integrity and transparency. “As Cesbe’s ethical line has always been very well defined, the employees who have been in the company for a longer time are already aware of the importance of their attitudes towards the company’s reputation. But the ongoing actions are aimed at strengthening this perception, as a way to guarantee the company’s growth and perpetuity. We also facilitate access to the code as well as an outsourced and independent channel for complaints that are now available in the ethics section on our website,” states Edmilson.

The employee awareness project on ethics and conduct is comprehensive, since Cesbe’s coordinators are working on this topic with all of its hierarchical levels, from directors to workers at the construction site.“The level of corruption in the Brazilian construction sector that has transpired in the country has made evident the need to reinforce the attitudes we expect from our employees in the relationship with customers, suppliers or any other stakeholder. The management of our business has been conducted within the best global practices, since we have implemented important compliance tools such as the code of ethics, training and an independent channel for complaints,” highlights Jacqueline Loyola, responsible for the company’s legal department.

According to Edson Furlaneto, Cesbe’s Work Safety Coordinator, one of the last actions performed has occurred at São Manoel Hydroelectric Power Plant (UHE, in the Portuguese abbreviation), in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso, where 100% of the employees have gone through training. “The presentation of the Code of Ethics and Conduct helps to reinforce the company’s values and vision in a clear and objective way. The code, along with other compliance mechanisms, are essential for Cesbe, especially in the troubled times in which the country has been, where ethical principles have been lost. With the retrieval of values we help to form an employee with some critical thinking and more active in society, showing them the importance of following an appropriate line of conduct,” Edson concludes.

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