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The event was attended by important businesspersons from all over the country and lecture by the economist Ricardo Amorim.

Founded in 1946, by the engineers Claudio de Loyola e Silva, Raul Iwersen and Osman Pierre, the Curitiba company – Cesbe Engenharia e Empreendimentos – completed 70 years in 2016, celebrated over the last November 08 at Teatro Positivo, during a dinner for employees, partners, customers and friends, as well as the lecture with the economist Ricardo Amorim.

With the subject “Building more than works” , the event celebrated the main company’s conquer in all these years: building relationships. “Since our creation, we contributed for the evolution of many cities, in several engineering areas, leveraged the economy through several jobs, but above all, we have built many stories In relationship with customers, we aim precisely to conquer their customers and, at the same time, offer our loyalty”, says the president of Cesbe group, Carlos de Loyola e Silva.


Fernando Augusto de Campos, managing director Expansion of Generation and Transmission of Cemig GT, says that the event was propitious. “We live in an expectation moment of economy recovery, of a new and better future, and we had the urge we needed from an optimistic person who brings a realistic view of what can be improved and how we can contribute to the country’s growth”. The partnership between the two companies began in 2015, for the works of the Itaocara Hydropower Plant, whose start was postponed. “I want to congratulate Cesbe for longevity over the last 70 years, executing good jobs, being recognized nationally for the services in the engineering area”, states Campos.


Evaldo Césari de Oliveira, executive director of Brookfield Energia Renovável S.A., also attended the event. “Our partnership exists since 2008 and it was a great pleasure to be able to celebrate these 70 years of Cesbe, since it is an ethical company, which takes pleasure in serving the customer with quality, respecting deadlines and with a very good relationship. I look forward to working together on other opportunities”.


Dalton Pedro Ravanello, founding partner of Pedra Branca Escavações, took the opportunity to pay tribute to Cesbe Engineering and thanked on behalf of all suppliers. “I want to thank the reception, affection, respect and education that we received from the first moment we set foot in the company, in the works and that these are only the first 70 years of many to come”.


Para João Antonio Braga, from Klabin S.A., which has been partnering for more than 10 years, said that the event was the opportunity to recognize Cesbe as a great partner. “It’s a company that we can rely on for its serious business. Achieving the 70-year mark in Brazil, with all its challenges, is something to be proud of, because it shows structure, knowledge, seriousness, standards that lead the company to have a longevity in our country”. For him, the lecture with Amorim also “gave hope that something better is yet to come”.


Ivaldo Manganotti, LFM Engenharia de Obras Ltda., for over 25 years has maintained a close relationship with Cesbe. “I was still in engineering school and my teachers used Cesbe as an example of conduct, professional maturity and model to be followed. It was in a work of them, even, that I fell in love with the sanitation area, which led me to start my company and working together”, he remembers. “The event was fantastic, serene and full of people who exalt respect for the company and the way they conduct business”, he adds.


Responsible for work execution of great representative, such as newly completed UHE Santo Antonio do Jari and expansion of the Klabin plant, Cesbe celebrates its 70th anniversary with a respectable portfolio and breaking the boundaries. “We have always demonstrated our belief in Brazil and even in times of withdrawn economy, we remain focused on our purpose, acting with transparency and suitability. We continue to believe and we know that we have a lot to contribute, mainly in the development of the country and improvement of people’s lives”, says Carlos de Loyola e Silva.

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